About Us

Edilnova di Bonacorsi Giorgio was founded in 1974 in Modena as a construction company. In 1978, it moved to Montale Rangone, near to Modena, and finally, in 1980, it settled in the municipality of Sestola, changing its business focus from construction to construction supplier, establishing, after just a few years, its own iron processing line for concrete reinforcement.

In the mid-90s, the company’s main activity was rethought and, after careful market research, the production of stainless steel flues under the INOX-SISTEMA brand was born.

This new project led to immediate successes thanks to the great attention paid to the general market demand and to individual customer requests.
In the course of this process, several patents were registered and, in 2006, we obtained CE-marking certification, coming into line with the latest standards and regulations.

In 2011, the company name was changed from “Edilnova di Bonacorsi Giorgio” to “Edilnova – Inox Sistema S.n.c. di Bonacorsi Massimiliano & C.”.

In 2014, the company decided to expand its product range with the production all types of metal sheet roofing, thus opening its own sheet metalworking department.

Today, Edilnova – Inox Sistema, is not only a manufacturer of flues and metal sheet roofing products, but, after having accumulated extensive experience and professionalism in the construction of machinery for internal use, has also decided to make such machinery available to customers for their own needs.